The Mahnarb Group prides itself on a time-tested approach which delivers multiple offers.  We understand that timing is everything, and right now it's a buyers market.

Strategic and financial buyers are actively looking to acquire companies that are performing well. And The Mahnarb Group's multi-channel, global marketing campaign approach mean you get to pick the best buyer with the best price and terms. We continue to find high-quality strategic buyers for our sell-side clients.

Strategic buyers often place the highest value on your company - and private equity firms have significant liquidity available to invest in companies.
We are able to find the greatest number of strategic buyers and private equity groups because we look at all obvious and not-to-obvious buyers.
And once we identify and contact the right set of strategic and private equity buyers, The Mahnarb Group stays committed and works ceaselessly on the deal until our client receives the best fit and the best price for his company.

No other M&A firm takes companies to market the way we do. We market your company directly to a high number of targeted buyers, primarily in the U.S. - and also overseas when appropriate.

Here are the 4 essential keys to getting a deal done:

• Right Timing. If you see your business doing well over the next 6-9 months, it's the right time to sell. As the economy and your company continue to improve - and the outlook is positive - that's the right time to sell. Buyers focus on the expected future return your company will provide.

• A Motivated Seller. Deals get done when the seller is committed to the process and to the goal of finding and closing a transaction with the right buyer. Seller dedication and enthusiasm are critical.

• Multi-Channel Marketing. Global reach in a variety of channels ensures your company receives the attention it deserves wherever there are desirable buyers. The 2-minute video we create of your company showcases its unique advantages to buyers in North America, Europe or Asia - in addition to the engaging way we present your business in our written materials. Plus, we always follow-up and make contact with decision makers anywhere in the world.

• A Confidential, Competitive Bidding Process that Drives Up Price. Yes, it's that simple: when buyers compete, you win!

The Mahnarb M&A Group is driven to getting you the best deal the market has to offer. We deliver a range of attractive deal options to our clients.




‘’Relentless Determination Yield Exceptional Results’’


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